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This collection of photographs features some members of the Selker family. The Selker is from The Providence of Hanover, Germany. Many Selker ancestors were born in Fuerstenau, Providence of Hanover, Germany.

In 1885 Joseph William Selker departed Germany for the United States. He settled first in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and worked as an apprentice in the trade of cigar making. In April 1889 he relocated to Clarion, Clarion County, Pennsylvania. He launched his own cigar making business in Clarion, Pennsylvania.

In 1906 Joseph William traveled back to Germany. When he returned two of his nieces came with him - Philomena Selker and Johanna Anna Selker. Both would marry and settle in Clarion. His nephew Philip Selker, brother of Johanna Anna Selker, departed German in 1929 and settled in Chicago.

The Selker family is connected through the maternal side of the family starting with my grandmother Mary Eugina McDonald wife of Arthur Murosky. Mary Eugina McDonald was the daughter of Loraine Anthony McDonald and Frances Philomena Selker, Frances Philomena Selker was the daughter of Joseph William Selker and Frances Philomena Guth, Joseph William Selker is the son of Hermann George Selker and Katherine Elizabeth Hofhaus, Hermann George Selker is the son of Hermann Selker and Marianne Overhuis.

At this time there are eight generations of Selker’s that descend from Hermann Selker and Marianne Overhuis. They have over 468 known descendants.
Wedding of Frances Philomena Guth & Joseph William SelkerThe_Clarion_Democrat_Thu__Nov_6__1890 Selker-Guth WeddingThe_Clarion_Democrat_Thu__Nov_13__1890_Selker-Guth Bridal TourJoseph William Selker - Cabinet CardJoseph William Selker - Cabinet Card BackJoseph William Selker- Cabinet Card CroppedFrances Philomena Guth and Joseph William SelkerJoseph William SelkerJoseph William SelkerJuly 19, 1906 Letter from JW Selker to KF SelkerJuly 19, 1906 Letter from JW Selker to KF SelkerStone Landmarker in Bentheim, GermanyStone Landmarker in Bentheim, GermanyHome of Hermann George Selker & Katherine Elizabeth HofhausEdward C. Selker Sr.Formal Portait of Four Young MenEva Theresa Margaret ZacherlThe_Clarion_Democrat_Thu__Nov_6__1913_Selker-Zacherl WeddingPostcard - The J.W. Selker Cigar Co.Selker Sign

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