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  • Does digitizing old family photographs seem overwhelming to you?

  • Would you love to display your images but don't know where to start?

What is Reproduction Photography?

Reproduction Photography is a process that creates a high resolution copy of an original photograph or image.  The copy of the original photograph or image can be enhanced to improve quality. The reproduction image can be printed at a larger scale with the resolution maintained. 

The ultimate goal of Reproduction Photograph is to preserve the original photograph or image. The Reproduction Copy can be displayed and the original image can be properly stored using archival materials.

Is Reproduction Photography for you?

Do you have old family photographs you love? Do you have old photographs you would like to display in your home or place of business? Do you have classic family heirlooms you would love to share with others? 

If you love old photographs and images - Reproduction Photography is for you!

Reproduction Photography Examples

Our state of the art camera equipment allows the original image to be enhanced. The restoration image can be printed at a larger scale while maintaining the resolution of the original image.

What options do I have to display an original photograph?

There are many options available depending on your goal and your decor. A reproduction can be formal - printed on photo paper and framed with matting. A reproduction can also be modern - printed on frameless metal or glass.

The following are some examples of MB Boutiques Reproduction Photography:

What if the original image is damaged?

If the original photography is damaged the Reproduction Image can be repaired using Digital Restoration.  The following are examples of some torn and damaged original images. 

MB Boutiques Reproduction Photography Services

We are committed to the preservation of old photographs. To date we have restored over 500 old family photographs and documents from Michelle's family. To view examples of our restoration work view Family Photo Collections

  1. The MB Boutiques full service offering starts with original photograph. 

  2. A high resolution digital image is created using our state of the art camera equipment.

  3. The reproduction of the original is enhanced and sharpened. Damage to the original is removed from the Reproduction Image if required.

  4. The original photographs are returned to the customer. 

  5. Customers have access to a password protected gallery where they can download high resolution digital images.

  6. If your goal is to create a printed image MB Boutiques also offers professional printing services. Customers can choose from a range of products. Some of our most popular products include standard photo paper, standout displays and metal prints. 

Are you interested in bringing your old photographs to life? Are you interested in creating custom wall art for your home or place of business? MB Boutiques would love to help! If you are interested in working with us please use the Contact Form.