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  • Are you adopted and searching for your biological family but are not sure how to start?

  • Are you searching for a biological family member you were separated from?

  • Have you completed a DNA test but do not know how to interpret the results?

  • Do you think you may have located a close family member but are not sure how to validate your relationship with them?

  • Are you seeking someone to assist you in your search and be a third party to manage communications with biological family members?

Many individuals searching for unknown biological family are turning to science. Biological families can be identified by analyzing the results of a commercial DNA tests. The DNA results will vary from individual to individual. In some cases analyzing and interpreting the DNA results can be very challenging. Those cases typically require a combination of skill sets to identify biological family members.

MB Boutiques Approach to Biological Family Searches

MB Boutiques partner Michelle M. Murosky is offering Adoption & Family Search Services. Michelle is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois. Michelle has solved multiple adoption cases using DNA analysis. She has also acted as the facilitator and managed the process of introducing adopted individuals to their biological families. Michelle has a unique combination of analytical skills, extensive family research experience and critical thinking that benefit her clients. Michelle uses the results of DNA tests in combination with traditional research methods to locate the biological family of adopted individuals.

Learn more about Michelle's Research Experience

Client Testimonial: Scott Lanier

Michelle worked with Scott Lanier who was adopted in the State of California.  His adoption was closed which means that the state would only share non-identifying information with him. Using the results from his DNA Test Michelle built out family groups and analyzed the results. Traditional research was conducted to expand the family groups to identify Scott's biological mother and father. Scott also had the opportunity to connect with other biological half-siblings discovered through the DNA testing process.

“I decided to find my birth family and did a DNA test. After realizing it was more complicated than I thought, I used the services of MB Boutiques to find my birth Mom.

Michelle was very detailed and thorough in her research. Not only did she help me find my birth Mom, but found my birth Dad and 2 half siblings as well.

The diligence of their research was fantastic!!

I would recommend them to anybody without hesitation!!” – Scott Lanier

Are you interested in engaging MB Boutiques Adoption & Family Search Services? We would be interested to learn more about your story and help you learn more about your family history.

To Get Started with MB Boutiques:

  1. Contact Michelle Murosky [email protected] with a summary of your research needs. If you have supporting documentation please enclose that as well.

  2. Michelle Murosky will review your case. She will write a contract and proposal which includes the anticipated research steps and work plan. She will also provide a quote for research hours and estimated costs. MB Boutiques recommends that clients authorize work in time blocks. The clients have the option to continue their research or pause at the end of a time block.

  3. Adoption projects require a retainer prior to starting the project. The retainer will be disclosed in the quote for research hours and estimated costs. 

  4. After the client and researcher agree on the proposal and the number of time blocks the first phase of your research can begin.

  5. The client mails a copy of the signed contract to MB Boutiques. MB Boutiques will provide a scanned copy of the fully executed contract.

  6. Michelle will contact the client with questions as the research progresses. Interim updates will be provided as the research progresses.

  7. Upon completion of work clients will received a written research report with source citations.  Any other deliverables included in the scope of work will be shared with the client. Example - building out a family tree the family tree will be shared with the client.

  8. Clients will be invoiced as each time block of work is complete.