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A series of photos that include members of the Zelazny family. The Zelazny family is a branch of the Bukowski Family. Catherine Bukowski , daughter of Vincinety Frank Bukowski, married Joseph Stanislaus Zelazny on September 26, 1910 in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Catherine arrived at Ellis Island with her parents and siblings on May 1, 1895. The family settled in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Many of the photographs in this collection belonged to Catherine’s son Edward Zelazny. He kindly allowed me to copy his photographs.
Wedding of Catherine M. Bukowski & Joseph Stanislaus ZelaznyCatherine Bukowski with her childrenCatherine Bukowski & Joseph Stanislaus ZelaznyEdward W. ZelaznyEdward W. ZelaznyEdward W. Zelazny

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