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This collection of photographs features some members of the Haggerty family. Thomas Haggerty, his wife and small children left County Donegal, Ireland around 1798. The family lived in several places before setting at Donegal Settlement in Butler County, Pennsylvania.

The Haggerty family is connected through the maternal side of the family starting with my grandmother Mary Eugina McDonald wife of Arthur Murosky. Mary Eugina McDonald was the daughter of Loraine Anthony McDonald, son of Robert Alphonsus McDonald, son of Anna Haggerty, daughter of Robert H. Haggerty, son of Thomas Haggerty.

At this time there are nine generations of Haggerty’s that descend from Thomas Haggerty. He has over 690 known descendants.
Michael McDonald & Anna Haggerty - Golden Wedding CelebrationHaggerty Farm - Farmington, Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA

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