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This collection of photographs features some members of the Bukowski family. The Bukowski family, originally from Poland, arrived on May 1, 1895 at Ellis Island and settled in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The Bukowski family is connected through the paternal side of the family starting with my grandfather Arthur Murosky. He was the son of Helen Tillie Bukowski, daughter of Vincinety Frank Bukowski.

At this time there are six generations of Bukowski's that descend from Vincinety Frank Bukowski. He has over 210 known descendants.
Teo Fila BukowskiTeo Fila Bukowski &  Frank J. Gaczkowski Wedding PortraitFranciska KwiatkowskiWilliam F. BukowskiHelen Tillie BukowskiVincinety Frank Bukowski - Work Permit FrontVincinety Frank Bukowski - Work Permit BackFranciska KwiatkowskiJohn Frank Bukowski & Theresa FilipkowskiArthur & Dorothy GaczkowskiArthur GaczkowskiClara T. BukowskiClara T. BukowskiStanley Pietrzak & Clara Tillie BukowskiStanley Pietrzak, Richard Pietrzak & Arthur GaczkowskiAnthony Harry Murosky, Jr. & Gustave Joseph BukowskiJohn Frank Bukowski & Theresa FilipkowskiEdward W. Zelazny & Joseph R. BukowskiJoseph Stanislaus ZelaznyWedding of Joseph R. Bukowski & Helen C. Juniewicz

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