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MB Boutiques is pleased to offer Printing & Design Services for Milliemade Creations. The talented artist, Milagros Suriano-Rivera, is based in San Antonio, Texas. Her Abstract Art is painted with color and passion! You can follow Milliemade Creations on Facebook and Instagram.

The Color of Woman Muse Series is a new collection by Milliemade Creations.

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Apothecary of Self HealingKundalini Keeper of My Soul FireLove HealsMidnite MusePandora MorningGloryQueen of Her Own DomainShe Calls on the Cosmos For SustenanceShe Follows the Brush to the FutureShe Sees With Her HeartShe Who Interprets my Soul LanguageShe Who Rides the Winds of HopeYou hold the key to your heart’s desires

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