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She Cries For Equality and Justice
Artist: Milagros Suriano-Rivera
Media: acrylic and collage on watercolor paper. Original Dimension: 22x30

This painting is my prayer for humanity. Created as a call to action for Equality and Justice ignited by the murder of Mr. George Floyd by police. Here I commit the names of my sisters and brothers who also lost their lives because of the color of their skin. There, beyond the veil I see her through my own tears...."their blood is our blood" she says to me with blood streaked face. She is adorned with symbols of peace, equality, justice and the red thread of connection. She stands before me surrounded and supported by our ancestors....holding and witnessing me as I awaken to my blackness as a Latina woman of color. She whispers, "Re-Member who lives here...then they will never be forgotten".
MB Boutiques is pleased to offer Printing & Design Services for Healed Enough Arts. The talented artist, Milagros Suriano-Rivera, is based in San Antonio, Texas.
She is a multi-media artist and Color of Woman Teacher of Intentional Creativity.
As a woman of color of Puerto Rican heritage, color is in her DNA! Her art is a reflection of true self…raw, rough, eclectic, imperfect, vibrant, complex and unpredictable.
You can follow Healed Enough Arts on Facebook and Instagram.
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