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MB Boutiques is pleased to offer Printing & Design Services for Healed Enough Arts. The talented artist, Milagros Suriano-Rivera, is based in San Antonio, Texas.
She is a multi-media artist and Color of Woman Teacher of Intentional Creativity.
As a woman of color of Puerto Rican heritage, color is in her DNA! Her art is a reflection of true self…raw, rough, eclectic, imperfect, vibrant, complex and unpredictable.
You can follow Healed Enough Arts on Facebook and Instagram.

The Being About It! Series is a new collection by Healed Enough Arts.
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Cloak of SisterhoodFeminine FrequencyFeminine Frequency High ResGarbed In LoveGarbed In Love High ResGarbed In Love High Res v2 JPGHealerI AMI AM High ResMalikaMalika High ResMuse FuseMystic LegendMystic Legend High Res v1Mystic Legend High Res v2NakedNebulaNebula High ResQuantum Connection High Res

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